Thinking about visiting? Here are a couple things you can expect…..

Diversity – At Abundant Life, there is a lot of diversity, both in age and in ethnicity which helps everyone to feel like they belong.

Services – Our services include song (worship and praise) and Bible teaching. Our singing is an act of praise to God; feel free to sit, stand, kneel, dance, and just be yourself! This is followed by a 40 to 45 minute message.

Dress – You’ll see everything from jeans to suits to Casual dress.

Children –If you have children (from birth to 12 years), they can participate in our fun (and safe!) Children’s ministry during each service (located on our lower level). Kids are dismissed AFTER the worship time concludes.

We Teach “Its all about Jesus” – This means we teach from the Bible, because the Bible is all about Jesus. As a church family our focus is on learning how to live the Good News of Jesus in every area of our lives. That means we will talk about growing in character, and making wise choices about life. And we will talk about fulfillment in life, and marriage, and relationships, and wise management of life’s resources. All if this and much more is wrapped up in Jesus!