Sermons on “Matthew”

Majesty Came Down

When we read Matthew 2:1-12, we are reminded about the birth of Jesus and how the wise men sought out the newborn Messiah. It also tells of how they reacted to seeing and being in the presence of Jesus. What can we learn from how the wise men responded to Jesus’ birth?

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Jesus Crucified

As we look at the death of Jesus, and all that it accomplished for our Salvation, we are reminded that, believers in Christ should also expect to experience pain and suffering. We don’t look for it, but its part of the life of a believer. However we know Jesus can relate, as he endured far more than we ever will on the Cross. And we can look to the great hope that is ahead of us!

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Jesus Betrayed

Reflecting on Matthew 26, Pastor Devin shares that Jesus expected to be Betrayed by those closest to him. God used it for His purpose, and Jesus forgave them. We sometimes are betrayed and hurt by others. God can give us strength as we overcome the pain, and forgive as Christ forgave us.

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