Sermons in “The Journey with Jesus”

Stop and Give Thanks

When we stop to think about all that God has blessed us with and how thankful we are for those things in all circumstances — it can be a humbling experience. Listen as Pastor Devin delves into the importance of thanksgiving and how being thankful forms a heart of gratitude within each of us.

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The Heart Condition

The Heart Condition – Our hearts matter to God. Daily we make decisions that are either going to stain our hearts or cleanse our hearts and that is why it is important to guard our hearts as everything we do comes from it (Proverbs 4:23). Ultimately, it is what is inside our hearts that drives […]

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The Lost Are Found

When we see ourselves wondering away from God, or others we care about wondering away from God, how should we respond to that? Our hearts are prone to wonder away from God and sometimes we struggle to trust God. Even when we walk away from Him, even for a short time, He still pursues us […]

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