Sermons by “Pastor Devin Blankenbiller”

40 Days of Prayer – What If?

We’re kicking off our 40 Days of Prayer with Guest Speaker Phil Baker talking about the “ifs” in our lives. What are the “ifs” in your life? What IF you were born somewhere else or in a different time? What IF you weren’t saved in that accident? What IF I had never moved to a new place? […]

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Changing Lanes – From Doubt to Faith

Where are there areas of doubt in your life? In what areas do you doubt that Jesus can help you with and overcome fears, anxieties or uncertainties? Listen as Pastor Devin speaks on Luke 33-36 about how to change our minds from doubting the work God can do in our lives to enacting our faith.

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Final Words of Jesus – Part II

Jesus’ final words leading up to and throughout his time on the cross were few, but powerful. As soon as Jesus’ spirit left his body five amazing miracles happened that signified that Jesus was in fact God’s son. Listen as Pastor Devin speaks from Matthew about these miracles!

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