Sermons on “Faith”

Who is Your Shepherd?

That’s a great question, isn’t it? Who is shepherding your life? What do you allow to shepherd your heart? David came to a point where he had to ask himself this same question and his answer is evident in his writing of Psalm 23. Listen as guest speaker Eran Holt discusses Psalm 23.

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Changing Lanes – From Doubt to Faith

Where are there areas of doubt in your life? In what areas do you doubt that Jesus can help you with and overcome fears, anxieties or uncertainties? Listen as Pastor Devin speaks on Luke 33-36 about how to change our minds from doubting the work God can do in our lives to enacting our faith.

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Majesty Came Down

When we read Matthew 2:1-12, we are reminded about the birth of Jesus and how the wise men sought out the newborn Messiah. It also tells of how they reacted to seeing and being in the presence of Jesus. What can we learn from how the wise men responded to Jesus’ birth?

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