Sermons on “Faith”

Majesty Came Down

When we read Matthew 2:1-12, we are reminded about the birth of Jesus and how the wise men sought out the newborn Messiah. It also tells of how they reacted to seeing and being in the presence of Jesus. What can we learn from how the wise men responded to Jesus’ birth?

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Learning from Joseph

Learning from Joseph – Life is Hard, God is with Us, Have Faith Joseph’s life was far from easy. His brothers turned against him and sold him into slavery. But regardless of what his brothers did, God chose Joseph for something greater. Joseph’s life shows us that in the midst of hardships, we must have […]

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Hypocrisy and Fear 2

Seeing as Jesus Sees – Hypocrisy and Fear 2 Day to day we find ourselves worrying and fearing what other people think of us. Worrying what they think of our image, our behavior and even our beliefs. However, in Luke 12:4-12, Jesus asks us to examine our lives with a single question — Who will […]

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