Sermons on “Sin”

Enduring with Patience

Bridges are built to endure all types of resistance. And like bridges, we too face resistance in our daily lives. As Jesus taught daily in the temple, people were seeking to destroy him. They sought to kill him, challenge his authority and question his theology. Even still, throughout Jesus’ teachings he remained patient, just as we […]

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The Heart Condition

The Heart Condition – Our hearts matter to God. Daily we make decisions that are either going to stain our hearts or cleanse our hearts and that is why it is important to guard our hearts as everything we do comes from it (Proverbs 4:23). Ultimately, it is what is inside our hearts that drives […]

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Choose Humility

If our actions are a reflection of our heart, what will a humble heart produce in our life? As God continues to grow who we are, we begin to understand that living out a humble life and having a humble heart leads us to being who God has called us to be and ultimately doing as Jesus did […]

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