Missionary Spotlight on. . .


The nation of Myanmar is the name of once was known as Burma. Last estimate it has a population of 55 to 60 million. The country is 80% Buddhist and 95% of the country is without the Gospel. There are many needs in Myanmar, like many countries in the region poverty, slavery / human trafficking, drugs addictions are big problems. Tim was made aware of Myanmar 2 years ago, and the funny thing that opened the door was his skills as a cook. He went there for 21 days to help manage a coffee house in the city of Yangon. God made it very evident that He wanted Tim there. The love between Tim and the staff was very apparent. While Tim was there, he passed a Buddha statue and God told him to look at it. God said “I am the water of Life and these people are pouring water on a dead idol. Tell them of my love, tell them of my salvation. Tim, you tell them.”

This is what Tim will be doing. . .

  • A missionary associate for 2 years.
  • Assisting the ministry goals of Assemblies of God missionary.
  • Going as a business consultant in English, because missionaries are not legal.
  • Ministry goals of teaching cooking to teach English (Earning the right to be heard)
  • Using a discipleship coarse called First Steps to teach English, share the gospel and train workers to do the work of the ministry.
  • Helping to aid the ministries of the nation church to reach the people of Myanmar with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Ways to Pray for Tim. . .

Pray for Tim to raise the rest of his support! He is close, but still needs to raise monthly support for ministry.

Pray for strength and health and many friendships for Tim and the missionaries he will be working with so the Gospel of Jesus can be spread in a much-needed land.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to begin working in the hearts of the people of Myanmar; that they will always be receptive to the gospel

Pray for safety as Tim and the other missionaries work with drug addiction, human trafficking, and poverty in Myanmar

Pray how you can support Tim and other Missionaries so that all may hear of God’s Love and Forgiveness!